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"Inner beauty is great. But a little mascara never hurts."




This program offers a comprehensive introduction to makeup fundamentals and more advanced makeup in the field between creative and avantgarde fashion makeup.

You will learn both the techniques and the art of planning, developing and creating makeup concepts with intention.

Through the course you will learn to explore the principles and concepts of perspective, composition and light. You will learn colour theory with specific reference to makeup: it’s function, how it interacts with texture and light, and how these affect your work.

You will work in depth with analysis and understanding of shape, line and form are combined with techniques for blending, contouring, shading and highlighting.

You will learn to choose and utilise professional tools and products to support your vision while developing your skills in the fundamentals of natural, glamour, bridal and dramatic styles.

If you consider makeup artistry within beauty, bridal and fashion a future career path – this program is where to start.


  • Understand the basics of skin structure, skin care and makeup subject preparation.
  • Analyse bone structure and face shapes correctly.
  • Correct various facial shapes with contouring, shading and highlighting.
  • Select makeup products based on proper analysis of skin tones and undertones.
  • Understand colour theory, seasons and tonality.
  • Label the colour wheel correctly.
  • Get to know and demonstrate the sequence of basic makeup application.
  • Review the purpose, selection and application of foundation, correction, concealer and powder for different ethnic groups, ages, skin tones and skin types.
  • Apply cheek colour application for day and evening looks correctly.
  • Correctly shaping eyebrows, and selecting appropriate eyebrow makeup for application.
  • Analyse eye shapes correctly and apply makeup for correction.
  • Assess lip shapes and make the necessary corrections.
  • Select appropriate lip colours and apply various products and textures to meet clients’ individual needs.
  • Apply practical application of daytime and evening makeup, classic looks, fashion looks, natural styles, subtle styles, glamorous and dramatic styles.
  • Cinema and TV makeup.
  • Learning the practical application of wedding makeup, Western, Asian and Indian.
  • History of makeup from 1920s to 1990s


The 7 weeks Advanced Makeup Artist Program consists of the following courses:


  • Only the best International Instructors.
  • Full time education: 7-8 hours professional training per day.
  • NO surprise cost or extra fees. All makeup, brushes, equipment and materials are included in the course fee.
  • ONLY original FDA approved products.
  • Internationally recognized certification from SMA International Makeup Academy.
  • Professional, inclusive and supportive learning environment.


1. April to 21. May 2019
1. July to 16. August 2019
30. September to 15. November 2019

This course runs 4 times per year as group course. If the dates do not suit you, please contact SMA to schedule a private course.


Class hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm
Total duration: 7 weeks
Education hours: 245 hours


109.000,- THB – including:

  • SMA Graduation Certificate

  • All Makeup for use during education

  • Makeup Kit Bag

  • Core Products for Students’ Makeup Kit

  • Professional Makeup Brush Set

  • Essential Tools Kit for Makeup Artistry

  • Digital Portfolio Pictures

  • Professional Portfolio Pictures (Bridal Exam)

  • Professional Portfolio Pictures (Fashion Exam)

  • SMA Book of Professional Makeup Techniques

  • SMA shirt

  • SMA towel

  • SMA makeup cape

  • NYX PRO Card


Academy Pictures


“I love it here at the school. Just the thought of the course ending makes me sad. The school and the teachers are amazing and super professional, but we can still have fun and laugh. I’ve made friends for life among my fellow students. Everyone are so sweet and we are having a great time. I’ve learned so much at SMA. Feel blessed every day to wake up and go the the best school with the best teachers.

Christina Marie

Aarhus, Denmark, 2016

“It has been a transforming experience, 3 months of variety of makeup courses including special effects and fantasy that no school in Thailand offers. It’s been a great journey and we were blessed to have experienced and super talented teachers to guide us! Thank you for having us Scandinavian Makeup Academy!”

Ambika Madarasmi

India, 2016

“The school is great, the teachers are top notch pros and truly passionate about teaching and helping students to grow. They cover every angle of the beauty industry, and it’s 7 hours a day of intense study, hands on training and photo shoots. I had one of the best experiences of my life at Scandinavian Makeup Academy..!”

Jessica Tseng

Taipei, Taiwan, 2015

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